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3 Scams, One Week: Optimism and Base beset by Hacks and Rugs

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In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, optimism and excitement have been met with a tidal wave of scams and hacks. This past week, both Coinbase’s Base and Optimism were hit hard, leaving investors reeling from the aftermath. Exactly Protocol, a DeFi lender on Optimism, lost a staggering 7,160 ETH due to smart contract vulnerabilities, while RocketSwap, the second largest DEX on Coinbase’s Base, fell victim to a hack that resulted in the theft of 471 ETH. As if that weren’t enough, SwirlLend, a newly launched DeFi lending protocol on both Base and Linea, mysteriously disappeared after draining the protocol’s pools and making off with 277 ETH. These events have raised concerns about the security and stability of the cryptocurrency market, particularly as Coinbase aims to expand its user base and embrace decentralized finance. As the industry grapples with these challenges, it becomes increasingly important for investors to exercise caution and diligence in navigating the world of cryptocurrency.

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Scam on Optimism: Exactly Protocol Hack

The DeFi lender Exactly Protocol, operating on the Optimism network, fell victim to a hack, resulting in a loss of 7,160 ETH, equivalent to over $12 million. The hack exploited smart contract vulnerabilities and demonstrates the risks associated with decentralized finance. This incident highlights the importance of robust security measures in the DeFi space to protect user funds and maintain confidence in the ecosystem.

Scam on Coinbase’s Base: RocketSwap Hack

Even Coinbase’s Base, a layer two solution aimed at bringing mainstream users to web3 and DeFi, experienced a hack this week. RocketSwap, the second-largest DEX on Coinbase’s Base, suffered a loss of 471 ETH. This incident underscores the challenges faced by platforms striving to provide a secure environment for users to engage with decentralized finance.

Scam on Base and Linea: SwirlLend Rug Pull

Adding to the list of scams and hacks within the DeFi space, SwirlLend, a recently launched DeFi lending protocol on both Base and Linea, encountered a rug pull. The SwirlLend team disappeared after draining the protocol’s pools and making off with 277 ETH. This incident highlights the importance of thorough due diligence when engaging with new projects, as rug pulls remain a significant risk in the DeFi ecosystem.

Coinbase’s Struggles with Scam Coins

Coinbase’s Base platform has faced challenges in dealing with scam coins infiltrating its ecosystem. Among these is BALD, one of the first meme coins released. Despite efforts to mitigate scams, BALD was able to rug pull shortly before Base’s public launch, resulting in a loss of user funds. The presence of scam coins poses risks not only to individual investors but also to the reputation of Coinbase and the broader DeFi space.

Value Loss and Deposits for Exactly Protocol

Following the hack on Exactly Protocol, the value of its native token, EXA, dropped by 20% within 24 hours, according to CoinGecko. This decline in value demonstrates the immediate impact a security breach can have on a project and its token price. Additionally, Exactly Protocol experienced a significant decrease in deposits, falling from over $110 million to $30 million. The diminished confidence in the protocol’s security likely contributed to this decrease.

CoinGecko Data on Exactly Protocol

CoinGecko’s tracking of EXA token value provides insights into the recent performance and trends of Exactly Protocol. The 20% drop in value following the hack underscores the market’s reaction to security incidents within the DeFi space. Monitoring such data is crucial to understanding investor sentiment and identifying potential trends that may impact the protocol moving forward.

Concerns for Coinbase’s Reputation

The prevalence of scams within Coinbase’s ecosystem raises concerns about the platform’s reputation. While Coinbase aims to bring mainstream users into DeFi, the presence of fraudulent projects undermines this goal. The negative impact of scams on Coinbase’s reputation emphasizes the need for proactive measures to weed out malicious actors and ensure users can trust the platform and the projects listed within it.

Optimism and Base’s Efforts in DeFi

Despite the challenges posed by recent scams and hacks, both Optimism and Coinbase’s Base remain committed to bringing web3 and DeFi to mainstream users. However, the past two weeks since Base’s public launch have been tumultuous, with over 500 scam coins already identified within its ecosystem. These obstacles highlight the difficulty of maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment while expanding access to decentralized finance.

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The continued evolution of the crypto space brings both successes and setbacks, underscoring the need for vigilance, due diligence, and responsible decision-making in this rapidly changing landscape.

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