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Balancer Secures Over 80% of Funds at Risk After Vulnerability Report

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Balancer, a decentralized finance (DeFi) lending pioneer, has recently encountered a vulnerability report that puts over 100 of its V2 pools at risk. However, the team at Balancer managed to secure more than 80% of the funds at risk, although approximately $10 million still remains in jeopardy. In response to this situation, Balancer has created an Emergency SubDAO to pause the affected pools, allowing users to only withdraw from them. As a precautionary measure, a list of the affected pools and an interface have been shared to assist users in safeguarding their assets. Despite the incident, it is important to note that the majority of funds on Balancer are safe, with only 1.4% of the total value at risk.

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Balancer Secures Over 80% of Funds at Risk

Balancer, a decentralized finance (DeFi) lending platform, recently received a vulnerability report revealing that over 100 of its V2 pools are at risk. However, the Balancer team swiftly took action and managed to secure over 80% of the funds that were at risk. Despite their efforts, approximately $10 million remains vulnerable. In response to this situation, Balancer is urging users to immediately withdraw their funds or migrate them to a safe pool. It’s important to note that the majority of funds on Balancer are safe, with only 1.4% of the total value locked (TVL) being at risk. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that only boosted pools have been affected by this vulnerability.

Vulnerability Report

The vulnerability report identified over 100 V2 pools on Balancer that were susceptible to potential risks and attacks. This report prompted the Balancer team to promptly take action to protect the affected funds. The team’s quick response demonstrates their commitment to addressing security issues and ensuring the safety of user assets.

Request for Immediate Withdrawal

As a result of the vulnerability report, Balancer is urging users with funds in the affected pools to withdraw their funds immediately or migrate them to a safe pool. By taking these actions promptly, users can mitigate potential risks and safeguard their assets. Balancer is committed to providing a secure environment for its users and prioritizes their protection.

Remaining Funds at Risk

Although Balancer has successfully secured over 80% of the funds that were initially at risk, approximately $10 million remains vulnerable. It is crucial for users to heed Balancer’s call to action and withdraw their funds from the affected pools. By doing so, users can minimize their exposure to potential risks and protect their investments.

Total Value Locked (TVL) at Balancer

Balancer currently boasts a Total Value Locked (TVL) of over $650 million. However, as a result of the vulnerability found in the V2 pools, approximately 1.4% of the TVL is at risk. This figure highlights the steps taken by Balancer to secure the majority of user funds and reinforces the platform’s commitment to user safety.

Affected Pools and Asset Security

Balancer has provided a list of the pools that have been affected by the vulnerability. By referring to this list, users can identify whether their assets are at risk. To ensure the security of their assets, Balancer has also provided guidance for users on how to protect their funds. Following these guidelines will help users mitigate potential risks and maintain the integrity of their investments.

Creation of Emergency SubDAO

In response to the vulnerability report, Balancer has taken swift action to address the issue. The creation of an Emergency SubDAO has allowed the platform to pause the affected pools and limit withdrawals. This temporary measure aims to prevent further risks and provide users with the opportunity to withdraw their assets safely. The Emergency SubDAO operates with a 4-7 multi-signature authority, enabling the termination of pools under exceptional circumstances.

Interface for User Assistance

Understanding the impact this vulnerability may have on users, Balancer has developed an interface to assist users in securing their assets. This interface provides users with the necessary tools and resources to navigate through the current situation. By leveraging this interface, users can take the appropriate steps to protect their assets and minimize any potential losses.

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BAL Token Performance

As a result of the vulnerability report and its impact on Balancer’s platform, the BAL token has experienced a 4% decrease in value over the last 24 hours. At present, the BAL token is trading at $3.44. It’s important for token holders to monitor the market closely and stay informed about any updates or developments to make well-informed decisions regarding their investments.


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