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Blue Edge Crypto – Cryptocurrency Trading Course for Beginners

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In the video titled “Crypto Trading For Beginners – Part 5 [Favorite Strategies]”, Blue Edge Crypto offers an informative cryptocurrency trading course for beginners. The video covers three favorite trading strategies, including trading with the trend and using Bollinger bands for entry points, entering trades after a daily close above the previous all-time high with a trailing stop loss, and trading hype coins that have broken their all-time high. The importance of trading psychology and upcoming topics related to trading psychology are emphasized. Blue Edge Crypto also provides a hype coins indicator and a 30-day trial on their website, along with discussing the use of data to support trading decisions. The algorithm created by the channel is easy to use and effective on various cryptocurrencies and assets, focusing on catching large trends and avoiding significant drawdowns.

In the video, the host welcomes viewers to the fifth part of the cryptocurrency trading course and expresses excitement about sharing their favorite trading strategies. The first strategy involves trading with the trend and utilizing Bollinger bands for entry signals. The second strategy showcases the potential for significant gains by entering trades after a daily close above the previous all-time high and using a trailing stop loss. The host emphasizes the importance of trading psychology and announces that the next video will cover this topic. By following these strategies and using the provided tools, viewers can enhance their understanding of crypto trading and potentially achieve profitable outcomes.

Blue Edge Crypto – Cryptocurrency Trading Course for Beginners

Cryptocurrency trading can be a lucrative endeavor, but it requires a solid understanding of strategies and market dynamics. Blue Edge Crypto’s Cryptocurrency Trading Course for Beginners is designed to provide aspiring traders with the knowledge and tools to navigate the world of cryptocurrency trading successfully. Throughout the course, you will learn several trading strategies that can help you maximize your profits and minimize your risks.

Favorite Trading Strategies

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, having a set of effective trading strategies is crucial. Blue Edge Crypto has identified several strategies that have proven to be highly effective in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Strategy 1: Trading with the Trend and Using Bollinger Bands

One of the key strategies taught in the course is trading with the trend and using Bollinger Bands. This strategy involves identifying the overall trend of a particular cryptocurrency and using Bollinger Bands to determine entry and exit points. Bollinger Bands are a technical analysis tool that measures volatility and provides upper and lower bands that act as support and resistance levels.

Strategy 2: Daily Close Above Previous All-Time High with Trailing Stop Loss

Another strategy recommended by Blue Edge Crypto is trading based on the daily close above the previous all-time high with a trailing stop loss. This strategy is particularly useful when trading cryptocurrencies that have recently broken their previous all-time highs. By entering a position when the daily close is above the previous all-time high and setting a trailing stop loss to protect profits, traders can capitalize on upward momentum while minimizing risk.

Strategy 3: Trading Hype Coins that Have Broken All-Time High

Hype coins, also known as meme coins or social media-driven coins, can exhibit significant volatility and present unique trading opportunities. Blue Edge Crypto teaches a strategy focused on trading hype coins that have broken their all-time highs. By identifying coins that are generating a lot of attention and have strong price momentum, traders can take advantage of the hype and ride the wave to potential profits.

Emphasis on Trading Psychology

While having effective trading strategies is important, understanding and managing trading psychology is equally crucial. Blue Edge Crypto recognizes the impact of emotions on trading decisions and emphasizes the importance of developing a strong trading mindset.

Upcoming Topics on Trading Psychology

Throughout the course, Blue Edge Crypto will cover various topics related to trading psychology. These include managing fear and greed, staying disciplined during drawdowns, and maintaining a positive mindset. By addressing the psychological aspects of trading, the course aims to help traders make better decisions and avoid common pitfalls.

Hype Coins Indicator and 30-Day Trial

To further enhance your trading experience, Blue Edge Crypto offers a Hype Coins Indicator as part of the course. This indicator allows you to identify potential hype coins and provides valuable insights into their price movements. As a student, you will have access to a 30-day trial of the Hype Coins Indicator, allowing you to test its effectiveness and explore its features.

Using Data to Support Trading Decisions

Blue Edge Crypto believes in making data-driven trading decisions. Throughout the course, you will learn how to analyze and interpret market data to support your trading strategies. By using technical analysis techniques and studying historical price patterns, you can make informed trading decisions and increase your chances of success.

Easy-to-Use Algorithm for Various Cryptocurrencies and Assets

Blue Edge Crypto has developed an easy-to-use algorithm that can be applied to various cryptocurrencies and assets. The algorithm incorporates multiple indicators and factors to identify potential buying and selling opportunities. By taking advantage of the algorithm’s insights, traders can save time and effort in conducting their own market analysis.

Trading Strategy: Buy on Green, Sell on Red

One of the key principles taught in the course is the “Buy on Green, Sell on Red” strategy. This strategy involves entering a long position when the price is increasing (represented by green candlesticks) and exiting the position when the price is decreasing (represented by red candlesticks). By following this simple yet effective strategy, traders can potentially capture profitable price movements.

Avoiding Significant Drawdowns, Catching Big Trends

Another focus of the Blue Edge Crypto course is avoiding significant drawdowns while aiming to catch big trends. Drawdowns refer to the decline in a trader’s capital from a peak level, and significant drawdowns can have a significant impact on a trader’s overall profitability. The course will teach you how to manage positions and use techniques such as stop losses and trailing stop losses to minimize drawdowns and protect your capital while aiming to catch big trends that can lead to substantial profits.

Automated Version of the Algorithm in Development

To further facilitate trading, Blue Edge Crypto is currently developing an automated version of the algorithm taught in the course. This automated trading system will allow traders to execute trades based on the algorithm’s signals automatically. By automating the process, traders can eliminate emotional biases and execute trades more efficiently.

Focus on Catching Large Moves, Not High Hit Rate

Blue Edge Crypto emphasizes the importance of focusing on capturing large moves rather than aiming for a high hit rate. In the volatile cryptocurrency market, it is unrealistic to expect every trade to be profitable. By targeting trades with the potential for significant gains, even if they have a lower success rate, traders can achieve a favorable risk-reward ratio and overall profitability.

Data-Driven Approach with Statistics to Back Algorithm’s Effectiveness

Blue Edge Crypto’s algorithm and trading strategies are built on a data-driven approach. The course provides statistical data and backtesting results to demonstrate the effectiveness of the algorithm and its trading strategies. By relying on empirical evidence, traders can have confidence in the algorithm’s ability to generate profitable trading opportunities.

Importance of Trading Psychology and Recommended Video

Trading psychology plays a vital role in a trader’s success. To further support your development in this area, Blue Edge Crypto recommends a video on trading psychology that covers essential topics such as overcoming emotional biases, controlling fear and greed, and maintaining discipline. By incorporating these insights into your trading mindset, you can enhance your overall trading performance.

Blue Edge Crypto - Cryptocurrency Trading Course for Beginners


Blue Edge Crypto’s Cryptocurrency Trading Course for Beginners offers a comprehensive and practical guide for aspiring cryptocurrency traders. With a focus on effective trading strategies, trading psychology, and the use of data-driven approaches, the course equips traders with the knowledge and tools to navigate the cryptocurrency market successfully. By enrolling in the course, you can gain valuable insights and skills that can help you maximize profits and minimize risks in your cryptocurrency trading journey.

Blue Edge Crypto - Cryptocurrency Trading Course for Beginners

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