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Buy and Sell Rare Bitcoin with Bitcoin Magazine

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Bitcoin Magazine is pleased to announce the launch of its new over-the-counter service, Rare B.TC, where users can buy and sell rare sats (bitcoins with a unique history or provenance) as well as rare inscriptions. Unlike existing platforms, Rare B.TC offers access to a wide range of rare bitcoins and works with various exchanges, mining firms, and private collectors. With the expertise of the team responsible for selling millions of dollars worth of original Bitcoin artwork and artifacts annually, Rare B.TC provides a white-glove service specializing in the authentication and sale of rare bitcoins. Already facilitating over $100,000 in private sales, Rare B.TC has a collection of rare sats available for collectors, including uncommon sats from each Bitcoin block, rare sats from difficulty adjustment periods, 2009 uncommon sats, Hal Finney sats, and Block 9 sats. Additionally, the brokerage offers rare inscriptions embedded in the blockchain. Explore the exciting world of rare bitcoins by visiting Rare B.TC or booking an appointment today.

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Bitcoin Magazine Rare B.TC Service


Bitcoin Magazine is excited to introduce its new over-the-counter service, Rare B.TC. This service allows users to buy and sell rare sats, which are bitcoins that hold historical significance or provenance, making them more valuable to collectors. In addition, Rare B.TC also offers rare inscriptions, further expanding the range of collectible items available to Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Benefits of Rare B.TC Service

The Rare B.TC service provides several key benefits to users. Firstly, it offers a convenient platform for finding and acquiring rare bitcoins, which can be a challenging task due to the fragmented nature of existing services. Instead of relying on multiple websites and services, users can access a comprehensive inventory of rare sats through Rare B.TC.

Additionally, Rare B.TC has established partnerships with various exchanges, mining firms, and private collectors. This allows for a diverse selection of rare bitcoins, including some of the rarest satoshis as defined by the Ordinals protocol. By collaborating with these industry players, Rare B.TC ensures that users have access to a wide variety of desirable options.

Finding Rare Bitcoins

Current Difficulties

Finding rare bitcoins can be a daunting process in the current market. While there are some websites and services that cater to this niche, they often have limited access to inventory, making it challenging to find specific rare sats. This lack of availability can be frustrating for collectors and enthusiasts who are seeking unique and valuable bitcoins.

Limited Access to Inventory

The limited access to inventory further complicates the search for rare bitcoins. Without a centralized platform that aggregates all available options, users are forced to visit multiple sources in order to find the bitcoins they desire. This fragmented approach makes the process time-consuming and inefficient.

Buy and Sell Rare Bitcoin with Bitcoin Magazine

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Rare B.TC Features

Working with Exchanges and Mining Firms

Rare B.TC has established partnerships with exchanges and mining firms, allowing users to access a wide range of rare bitcoins. By collaborating with these industry players, Rare B.TC can source and offer exotic options that are not readily available through other channels. This partnership ensures that users have a comprehensive selection to choose from, making it easier to find the perfect rare sat.

Collaboration with Private Collectors

In addition to working with exchanges and mining firms, Rare B.TC also collaborates with private collectors. This partnership expands the range of rare bitcoins available on the platform, as private collectors often have unique and valuable pieces in their collections. By leveraging these relationships, Rare B.TC can provide users with exclusive access to rare sats that may not be found elsewhere.

Access to Rare Satoshis

Rare B.TC specializes in sourcing some of the rarest satoshis available. These satoshis hold significant historical value or provenance, making them highly sought after by collectors. Through its partnerships and extensive network, Rare B.TC ensures that users have access to these rare satoshis, allowing them to add valuable pieces to their collections.

Authentication and Sale Process

Specialized White-Glove Service

Rare B.TC offers a specialized white-glove service that focuses on the authentication and sale of rare bitcoins. This service ensures that every rare sat listed on the platform has been thoroughly verified, providing users with the confidence that they are purchasing genuine and valuable pieces. The white-glove service guarantees the authenticity of the rare bitcoins, enhancing the overall experience for both buyers and sellers.

Expertise of Bitcoin Conference Team

The Rare B.TC team comprises experts who are responsible for selling millions of dollars worth of original Bitcoin artwork and artifacts at the Bitcoin conference annually. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the Bitcoin space make them well-equipped to handle the authentication and sale process of rare bitcoins. Users can rely on their expertise to guide them through the buying and selling journey, ensuring a smooth and professional experience.

Private Sales Statistics

With a track record of facilitating over $100,000 in private sales of rare bitcoins to collectors, Rare B.TC demonstrates its success in connecting buyers and sellers in this niche market. The platform’s ability to facilitate private sales speaks to its reputation and effectiveness in the rare bitcoin space. Users can trust that Rare B.TC has the experience and resources to handle their transactions with confidentiality and professionalism.

Buy and Sell Rare Bitcoin with Bitcoin Magazine

Examples of Rare Sats

Uncommon Sat

The Uncommon Sat is the first satoshi of each new Bitcoin block. There is one uncommon sat for each of the over 700,000 bitcoin blocks mined on the blockchain. These unique satoshis hold significance as they mark the beginning of a new block, representing a milestone in Bitcoin’s history.

Rare Sat

The Rare Sat is the first satoshi of the first block of each difficulty adjustment period. There are currently 350+ rare sats in existence. These rare satoshis hold value for collectors due to their connection to specific periods of Bitcoin’s mining history.

2009 Uncommon Sat

The 2009 Uncommon Sat refers to uncommon sats that were issued and mined in the first year of Bitcoin’s existence. These uncommon satoshis are considered the rarest and most valuable among their kind. With only about 32,000 blocks solved in 2009, these satoshis offer a glimpse into Bitcoin’s early days.

Hal Finney Sats

Hal Finney Sats are bitcoins that have a proven link to wallets associated with the first Bitcoin user, Hal Finney. These satoshis hold historical significance as they are verified on the Bitcoin blockchain or by the Hal Finney estate. Collectors value the connection to such an influential figure in Bitcoin’s development.

Block 9 Sats

Block 9 Sats refer to bitcoins that were mined on the blockchain’s ninth block and spent in the world’s first peer-to-peer transaction, where Satoshi sent Hal Finney 10 BTC. These satoshis hold immense historical value as they represent a pivotal moment in Bitcoin’s journey and the beginning of its use as a digital currency.

Rare Inscriptions

Access to First 100 Ordinals Inscriptions

Rare B.TC offers access to rare inscriptions embedded in the blockchain. These inscriptions include some of the first 100 ordinals, representing early transactions and interactions on the Bitcoin network. Owning these inscriptions allows collectors to own a piece of Bitcoin’s history, making them highly desirable among enthusiasts.

Buy and Sell Rare Bitcoin with Bitcoin Magazine

Market Availability

New and Emerging Segment

The rare bitcoin market is a relatively new and emerging segment within the broader Bitcoin space. As such, the availability of certain rare bitcoins may not be immediate, and some items may take time to source. However, with Rare B.TC’s extensive network and partnerships, users can be confident that the platform will continuously strive to offer an expanding range of rare bitcoins to meet the growing demand in this market.

Exotic Items Availability

In addition to the more commonly known rare sats, Rare B.TC aims to provide access to more exotic items in the future. These exotic items may include bitcoins with unique properties, such as specific transaction histories or connections to significant events in Bitcoin’s history. By offering these exotic items, Rare B.TC caters to collectors who seek the most exceptional and distinctive pieces.

More Information

Visit Rare B.TC Website

For more information on Rare B.TC and its offerings, visit their official website at The website provides comprehensive details about the platform’s features, available inventory, and the process of buying and selling rare bitcoins.

Book an Appointment

To explore the world of rare bitcoins and inscriptions further, users can book an appointment with the Rare B.TC team. This allows for a personalized experience where experts can guide users through the available options and answer any questions they may have.

In conclusion, Rare B.TC offers a unique and comprehensive service for those interested in buying and selling rare bitcoins and inscriptions. With its extensive network, expertise, and commitment to authenticity, the platform ensures a professional and trustworthy experience for collectors and enthusiasts. Whether you are seeking unique satoshis, rare inscriptions, or exotic items, Rare B.TC is the go-to platform for expanding your collection and owning a piece of Bitcoin’s fascinating history.

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