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Capoeira: A Way of Being in Pursuit of Liberation

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“Capoeira: A Way of Being in Pursuit of Liberation” explores the deep essence and historical significance of capoeira, the popular martial art that intertwines fight, dance, music, art, ritual, spirituality, and philosophy. The article draws interesting parallels between capoeira and Bitcoin, highlighting how both cultures share a common pursuit of liberation, challenge prevailing systems, and embrace concepts of anonymity, decentralization, and liberation. By delving into the mysterious origins of capoeira, its outlaw culture, leaderless decentralization, adversarial mindset, and radical liberation, the article offers a captivating perspective on the symbiotic relationship between capoeira and Bitcoin. Readers are invited to discover what these communities can learn from each other and how their interaction can foster growth, development, and empowerment.


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If You Like Bitcoin, Consider Capoeira

Capoeira, a martial art with mysterious origins, shares several similarities with Bitcoin. Both have emerged from unconventional backgrounds and have embraced decentralized and leaderless practices. Moreover, they promote an adversarial mindset and seek radical and asymmetrical liberation. By exploring the parallels between these two communities, Bitcoiners and capoeiristas can learn valuable lessons from each other.

Mysterious Origins

The true origin of capoeira, much like the identity of Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto, remains shrouded in mystery. Capoeira’s roots can be traced back to the forced blending of African cultures during the era of slavery in Brazil. However, the exact details of its emergence are unknown and have sparked ongoing debates and competing theories. Similarly, the anonymous nature of Nakamoto and the early development of Bitcoin have given rise to speculation and intrigue.

Pseudonymous, Outlaw Culture

Just as Bitcoin’s early days attracted legal scrutiny and skepticism, capoeira faced persecution and was formally outlawed in Brazil during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. To protect themselves from the authorities and each other, capoeiristas adopted nicknames called “apelidos,” concealing their true identities. The use of pseudonyms in both Bitcoin and capoeira demonstrates a shared commitment to individual privacy and self-protection.

Leaderless Decentralization

While both Bitcoin and capoeira acknowledge the presence of leaders within their respective communities, they operate in a decentralized manner. In capoeira, each master teaches in their unique style, and groups constantly merge, separate, and reform. Capoeira exists wherever people practice it, making it a nomadic and adaptable art form. Similarly, Bitcoin’s decentralized nature allows individuals to participate in the network and operate independently, transcending geographical boundaries.

Adversarial Mindset

Bitcoiners emphasize the importance of operational security (OPSEC), while capoeiristas cultivate a heightened awareness known as “malícia.” In capoeira, players do not block attacks but rather move with them, evading and redirecting strikes. This fluidity and adaptability enable capoeiristas to anticipate and outmaneuver opponents. Similarly, Bitcoiners understand the importance of being constantly vigilant against potential threats and adapting to changing circumstances.

Radical And Asymmetrical Liberation

Both Bitcoin and capoeira embody aspirations for radical and asymmetrical liberation. Capoeira, born out of slavery and oppression, empowers individuals to leverage every part of their body as a tool for self-defense and liberation. It challenges the conventional notions of power dynamics and offers an alternative approach through unconventional and unexpected movements. Similarly, Bitcoin provides a means to opt-out of the traditional financial system, offering liberation from oppressive monetary controls. It enables individuals to navigate an unpredictable and unjust world by adopting a strategy that evades rather than confronts the existing system.

Capoeira: A Way of Being in Pursuit of Liberation

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What Can These Communities Learn From One Another?

Bitcoiners can learn valuable lessons from capoeira’s appreciation for whimsy, playfulness, and mystery. Capoeira is not solely focused on winning or dominating opponents but emphasizes the joy and beauty of human interaction in motion. By incorporating these elements into their Bitcoin journey, enthusiasts can foster a greater sense of enjoyment, wonder, and unpredictability within the community. Additionally, capoeira’s dedication to physical fitness, self-defense, and cultural enrichment can inspire Bitcoiners to adopt a holistic approach to their well-being.

On the other hand, capoeiristas can benefit from Bitcoin’s ability to provide genuine liberation in storing value securely. Bitcoin’s decentralized and transparent nature aligns with capoeira’s culture of individualism, wandering, and informal economies. Furthermore, Bitcoin has the potential to uplift individuals, especially those in marginalized communities, by liberating them from oppressive monetary systems. Capoeiristas can find solace in knowing that Bitcoin gives them financial control that was historically denied to their ancestors.

Both Bitcoin and capoeira foster a spirit of individualism, resilience, and defiance against oppressive structures. By acknowledging and embracing the similarities and lessons from each other, these communities can enrich and inspire one another on their paths to liberation.

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