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Chainlink’s Price Feeds Land on Base, Bringing More Precise Crypto Pricing

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In a groundbreaking development for the cryptocurrency industry, Chainlink’s Price Feeds have now been integrated into Base, a layer-2 blockchain supported by Coinbase and fortified by Ethereum. This integration unlocks a world of possibilities for developers on Base, providing them with access to Chainlink’s esteemed Data Feeds and Web3 services. With the incorporation of Chainlink’s Price Feeds, Base is expected to enhance its capabilities and support a wide range of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, including lending and borrowing protocols, derivatives markets, and futures markets. The collaboration aims to empower developers to explore novel use cases and build on Base’s hyper-scalable layer-2 environment. With Chainlink Price Feeds known for their security, reliability, and usability, this integration solidifies Chainlink’s position as a prominent player in the industry, offering developer-friendly tools to unlock the true potential of Web3.

Chainlink’s Price Feeds Land on Base, Bringing More Precise Crypto Pricing

Base Incorporates Chainlink’s Price Feeds

Base, a layer-2 blockchain backed by Coinbase and strengthened by Ethereum, has recently incorporated Chainlink’s renowned Price Feeds. This integration, announced on August 8, is expected to provide developers on Base with a more comprehensive suite of Web3 services, particularly access to Chainlink’s acclaimed Data Feeds. By integrating Chainlink’s Price Feeds, Base aims to enhance its capabilities and offer more precise crypto pricing for its users.

Benefits for Developers on Base

Developers familiar with Base will recognize the potential advantages that this integration brings. By incorporating Chainlink’s Price Feeds, Base becomes more equipped to provide support for a vast range of DeFi applications. This includes decentralized lending and borrowing protocols, derivatives markets, and futures markets. With access to Chainlink’s reliable and secure price data solution, developers on Base can expect increased security, reliability, and usability in their applications, ultimately improving the user experience for Base users.

Chainlink’s Platform and Price Feeds

Chainlink has been a key player in the industry, providing essential Web3 services across various sectors. They have built developer-friendly tools that unlock real value in the Web3 ecosystem. One of their flagship offerings is the Price Feeds, which are backed by decentralized Oracle networks made up of numerous Sybil-resistant node operators. These operators collaborate with top-tier data aggregators to ensure market price transparency. Each Chainlink Price Feed is secured by a decentralized network of independent, security-reviewed node operators run by professional DevOps, ensuring maximum reliability and uptime.

Sybil-Resistant Oracle Networks

Chainlink’s Price Feeds stand out for their Sybil-resistant Oracle networks. Sybil resistance refers to the ability to protect against attacks from malicious actors who might create multiple identities to manipulate data in a decentralized system. Chainlink’s Oracle networks are designed to mitigate this risk by relying on multiple node operators. This collaborative approach ensures that the provided price data is accurate and reliable, instilling confidence among developers and users of Base.

Integration Expected to Fortify Base’s Capabilities

The integration of Chainlink’s Price Feeds is anticipated to fortify Base’s capabilities as a layer-2 blockchain. The addition of Chainlink’s trusted and accurate price data solution further enhances Base’s infrastructure, making it a more attractive platform for developers and users alike. With the ability to access Chainlink’s Web3 services and leverage the power of Price Feeds, developers on Base can expect more robust and reliable applications that can drive innovation and growth in the decentralized finance space.

Support for DeFi Applications

Chainlink’s Price Feeds integration with Base opens up a realm of possibilities for DeFi applications. Developers can leverage the accurate and reliable price data provided by Chainlink to build decentralized lending and borrowing protocols, derivatives markets, and futures markets on Base. These applications can help drive the growth of decentralized finance and provide users with new and innovative ways to interact with digital assets and financial instruments.

Chainlink’s Price Feeds and Market Coverage

Chainlink’s Price Feeds have gained recognition for their accurate and extensive market coverage. By collaborating with top-tier data aggregators and utilizing a decentralized network of node operators, Chainlink ensures that its Price Feeds provide comprehensive and reliable market data. The combination of professional DevOps-run nodes and security-reviewed operators ensures maximum reliability and uptime, making Chainlink’s Price Feeds a trusted source of pricing information for developers and users.

Commentary from Jesse Pollak

Jesse Pollak, head of protocols at Coinbase, commented on the integration of Chainlink’s Price Feeds into Base. He highlighted the advantages this integration brings for developers, stating that it enables them to port existing applications to Base and experiment with novel use cases. Pollak emphasized that Chainlink’s Price Feeds are known for their security, reliability, and usability, making them a leading choice for developers when it comes to price data solutions.

Commentary from Johann Eid

Johann Eid, chief business officer at Chainlink Labs, also shared his thoughts on the integration. Eid mentioned that the security, reliability, and accuracy guarantees provided by Chainlink’s Sybil-resistant Oracle networks will enable developers to push the boundaries of what is possible on a fast layer-2 blockchain like Base. With access to industry-leading oracle infrastructure, developers can explore new and innovative use cases that leverage Base’s hyper-scalable environment.


The integration of Chainlink’s Price Feeds on Base marks an important milestone in the growth of both platforms. Base, with its layer-2 blockchain backed by Coinbase and Ethereum, gains access to Chainlink’s renowned Price Feeds, enhancing its capabilities and providing more precise crypto pricing. Developers on Base can now leverage Chainlink’s trusted price data solution to build innovative DeFi applications, driving growth and innovation in the decentralized finance space. This integration highlights the importance of accurate and reliable price data, and Chainlink’s Price Feeds stand out as a leading choice for developers looking to build secure and robust applications. With this collaboration, Base strengthens its position as a platform that empowers developers and enables the creation of new and exciting decentralized financial solutions.

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