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Europe’s First Spot BTC ETF Launches on Euronext Amsterdam

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Experience the fusion of cryptocurrency investment and sustainability in Europe as Jacobi Asset Management launches Europe’s first spot Bitcoin ETF on the Euronext Amsterdam. This ETF, listed under the ticker BCOIN, is not only Euronext’s first digital asset fund in accordance with SFDR Article 8 but also highlights a commitment to a decarbonization strategy. By implementing a verifiable built-in Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) solution, Jacobi allows institutional investors to access the benefits of Bitcoin while also meeting their ESG goals. The ETF integrates the REC solution and quantifies the electricity consumption attributable to Bitcoin in the ETF, purchasing equivalent RECs to provide digital proof of its eco-friendliness. With regulatory oversight from the Guernsey Financial Services Commission and custodial tasks overseen by Fidelity Digital AssetsSM, this ETF marks a significant step in Europe’s efforts to provide secure access to digital assets for institutional investors.

Europe’s First Spot BTC ETF Launches on Euronext Amsterdam

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Jacobi Asset Management has made history by launching Europe’s first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the Euronext Amsterdam. This groundbreaking product not only provides investors with access to Bitcoin but also incorporates sustainability measures, making it the first digital asset fund on Euronext to be in line with SFDR Article 8. This article will explore the distinctive features of the ETF and its potential impact on the market.

Integration of Cryptocurrency and Sustainability

Jacobi Asset Management is committed to a decarbonization strategy, and this is evident in the launch of the BTC ETF. The fund integrates a verifiable Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) solution, allowing institutional investors to access the benefits of Bitcoin while also meeting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. By incorporating sustainability measures into the ETF, Jacobi is providing investors with an opportunity to invest in Bitcoin without compromising their commitment to ESG principles. This distinguishes the fund from other carbon offsetting products in the market.

Verifiable Renewable Energy Certificate Solution

One of the key features of the BTC ETF is its quantification of electricity consumption attributable to Bitcoin holdings in the fund. Jacobi Asset Management purchases equivalent RECs as digital proof of clean power, effectively offsetting the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining. These RECs are recorded on a blockchain, ensuring transparency and verifiability. By integrating a renewable energy solution into the BTC ETF, Jacobi is addressing the environmental concerns surrounding Bitcoin and creating a more sustainable investment option.

Regulation and Custodial Oversight

To ensure the integrity and security of the BTC ETF, it is regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. This regulatory oversight provides investors with confidence and trust in the fund, knowing that it operates within a well-defined framework. Custodial tasks for the ETF are overseen by Fidelity Digital AssetsSM, a trusted name in the digital assets custody space. The combination of regulatory oversight and custodial expertise ensures that investors’ assets are held and managed securely.

Partnerships for Market Making and Authorization

In order to provide liquidity and facilitate efficient trading, Jacobi Asset Management has partnered with reputable market makers and Authorized Participants. Flow Traders, Jane Street, and DRW have all been added as market makers and Authorized Participants for the BTC ETF. This collaboration allows for seamless market liquidity and ensures that investors have sufficient access to the ETF. By partnering with established market participants, Jacobi is further enhancing the attractiveness of the ETF for institutional investors.

Index and Pricing

The BTC ETF relies on the FT Wilshire Bitcoin Blended Price Index by Wilshire Indexes for its index and pricing methodology. This index is widely recognized in the industry and provides a comprehensive representation of the Bitcoin market. By utilizing a reputable index, Jacobi ensures that the ETF’s pricing accurately reflects the performance of the underlying assets, offering investors a reliable benchmark for their investments.

Europe Leading in Institutional Bitcoin Investment

In launching the BTC ETF, Europe has taken the lead in providing institutional investors with regulated access to Bitcoin. The ETF offers a safe and secure investment option for those seeking exposure to digital assets, further solidifying Europe’s position as a hub for institutional Bitcoin investment. The regulatory-friendly structures in place, combined with the oversight and transparency provided by the ETF, make it an attractive choice for institutional investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

ESG-Aligned Crypto Offering

Jacobi Asset Management’s initiative in building an ESG-aligned crypto offering is a significant step towards addressing the environmental concerns associated with cryptocurrency mining. By integrating sustainability measures into the BTC ETF, Jacobi is paving the way for a more sustainable future for the crypto industry. The collaboration with Zumo and Kennedy Van der Laan further demonstrates Jacobi’s commitment to creating a carbon-neutral initiative that aligns with ESG principles. This innovative approach not only benefits investors but also contributes to the overall sustainability of the crypto industry.

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Trending News

In addition to the launch of Europe’s first spot BTC ETF, there are several other trending news stories in the cryptocurrency space. Zynga, a prominent game developer, has broken new ground with its Web3 game “Sugartown,” further showcasing the potential of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. Shell and Gitcoin’s partnership has sparked discussions about whether it is a true blockchain alliance or a greenwashing attempt, highlighting the importance of transparency in sustainability initiatives. The SEC’s move to appeal Ripple’s victory on XRP classification has also garnered attention, underscoring the ongoing regulatory challenges in the cryptocurrency market. Lastly, Affyn’s partnership with Grand Prix Season Singapore 2023 has created excitement in the industry, highlighting the growing adoption of blockchain technology across sectors. These trending news stories provide valuable insights into the current developments and trends in the cryptocurrency space.


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In conclusion, the launch of Europe’s first spot BTC ETF on Euronext Amsterdam marks a significant milestone in both cryptocurrency and sustainability. Jacobi Asset Management’s commitment to integrating a verifiable Renewable Energy Certificate solution showcases the potential for aligning cryptocurrency investments with ESG goals. The regulatory oversight and custodial expertise provided by the ETF, along with partnerships for market making and authorization, enhance the accessibility and liquidity of the fund. Furthermore, the collaboration with Zumo and Kennedy Van der Laan exemplifies Jacobi’s dedication to building a sustainable and ESG-aligned crypto offering. As Europe takes the lead in institutional Bitcoin investment, the BTC ETF provides a safe and secure option for institutional investors seeking exposure to digital assets. With ongoing trending news stories shaping the cryptocurrency landscape, it is crucial to stay informed and navigate the market with caution.

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