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Sazmining Establishes Sustainable Bitcoin Mining Facility In Paraguay

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Sazmining, a leading Bitcoin mining provider, has recently established a sustainable mining facility in Paraguay, South America. By harnessing Paraguay’s surplus electricity and offering hosting at a highly competitive rate, Sazmining aims to turn a previous financial loss for the nation into a profitable venture. This development has garnered support from local politicians and the power provider, ANDE, who actively participate in electricity-for-Bitcoin transactions. Sazmining’s larger vision encompasses creating a sustainable future by investing in electrical infrastructure that will benefit Paraguay for generations to come. Operating as a fully non-custodial service, Sazmining ensures secure and direct transfer of Bitcoin rewards to customers’ private wallets, while also providing top-notch maintenance, customer service, and dedicated security for the facility. This establishment marks a significant milestone in Paraguay’s use of surplus energy and its entry into the advanced field of Bitcoin mining.

Sazmining Establishes Sustainable Bitcoin Mining Facility In Paraguay

Sazmining, a hosted Bitcoin mining provider committed to 100% renewable energy, is expanding its operations into South America with the establishment of a new facility in Paraguay. Set to commence operations on September 15th, this facility takes advantage of Paraguay’s low electricity prices, offering competitive hosting rates of 4.7 cents per kWh. Compared to the average cost of 16.1 cents per kWh in the United States, this low electricity price provides a significant advantage for Bitcoin mining operations in Paraguay.


Powering the new Bitcoin mining facility in Paraguay is surplus electricity generated by the Itaipu Dam. Constructed in 1971 by Brazil and Paraguay, the dam generates 14 gigawatts of electricity. As per the agreement, Brazil financed the project, and in return, Paraguay received surplus electricity beyond its domestic needs. Initially, Paraguay faced the challenge of handling this surplus, resulting in financial losses. However, with the rise of the Bitcoin mining industry, Paraguay has found a solution to this situation by using its surplus energy to support advanced Bitcoin mining facilities.

The Establishment of Sazmining’s Facility

Sazmining, as a hosted Bitcoin mining provider, is committed to renewable energy and is now expanding its operations into South America with the establishment of a new facility in Paraguay. This expansion provides an opportunity for customers to take advantage of the low electricity prices in Paraguay, with a competitive hosting rate of 4.7 cents per kWh. This rate allows miners to optimize their mining operations and maximize profits.

Paraguay’s Transformation Through Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining has taken Paraguay’s previous losses from surplus energy and turned them into profitable returns. This development has gained the attention and support of Paraguayan politicians and the local power provider, ANDE. By actively participating in electricity-for-Bitcoin transactions, Paraguay is benefitting not only from immediate financial gains but also from long-term investments in electrical infrastructure. These investments will benefit Paraguay for generations to come, extending well beyond the lifespan of any Bitcoin mining activities.

Sazmining’s Non-Custodial Service

As a fully non-custodial service, Sazmining ensures that customers’ Bitcoin rewards are directly sent from the mining pool to their private wallets. This approach prioritizes the security and control of customers’ assets. Additionally, Sazmining operates on a mutually beneficial model, as they only earn when the customer does. This incentivizes Sazmining to optimize the mining environment, ensuring maximum efficiency and longevity for the miners.

Signature White-Glove Experience

Sazmining is committed to providing a signature white-glove experience for its customers. This includes on-site maintenance and customer-service experiences, ensuring that any technical issues or concerns are addressed promptly. Additionally, Sazmining has a dedicated security team in place to maintain the highest standards of safety and performance. This commitment to customer satisfaction sets Sazmining apart as a reliable and trusted Bitcoin mining provider.

In conclusion, Sazmining’s establishment of a sustainable Bitcoin mining facility in Paraguay represents a significant development for the Bitcoin mining industry in South America. By taking advantage of Paraguay’s surplus electricity and low electricity prices, Sazmining offers a competitive hosting rate that attracts both small-scale and large-scale miners. Furthermore, Sazmining’s commitment to renewable energy and non-custodial services ensures the security and long-term profitability of its customers’ Bitcoin mining operations. With Paraguay’s transformation through Bitcoin mining, the country can continue to benefit from surplus energy and investments in electrical infrastructure, creating a sustainable and forward-looking future.

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