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The Human Rights Foundation Announces 20 BTC Bounty Challenge For Bitcoin Development

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The Human Rights Foundation has recently made an exciting announcement regarding their 20 BTC Bounty Challenge for Bitcoin development. This initiative aims to support open-source Bitcoin developers in creating tools and services that enhance the functionality of Bitcoin, as well as address important issues related to privacy and self-sovereignty. The challenges will run until the end of 2024 and offer rewards for various projects, such as porting the Bitcoin UI Kit, implementing a serverless payjoin protocol, creating an encrypted group chat client, developing a mobile Bitcoin wallet for Silent Payments, and much more. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the bounties and encourages interested individuals to reach out to the HRF for more details on participating in this ground-breaking initiative.

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The Human Rights Foundation Announces 20 BTC Bounty Challenge For Bitcoin Development


In a significant move to support and enhance open-source Bitcoin development, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has announced a set of bounty challenges. These challenges, totaling 20 BTC, are aimed at incentivizing developers to build tools and services that increase the functionality of Bitcoin. With a focus on privacy, censorship-resistance, and self-sovereignty, these bounty challenges aim to address some of the critical issues facing Bitcoin today.

The Human Rights Foundation Announces 20 BTC Bounty Challenge For Bitcoin Development

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Background on the Human Rights Foundation and Bitcoin Development

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights globally. Over the years, the HRF has been at the forefront of advocating for digital rights, including the right to privacy and freedom of expression online. Recognizing the potential of Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the HRF has actively supported the development of Bitcoin tools and services that further these principles.

Bitcoin development refers to the continuous improvement and innovation of the Bitcoin protocol, infrastructure, and related applications. It involves the work of developers who contribute their time and expertise to enhance the functionality, security, and usability of Bitcoin. By supporting Bitcoin development, the HRF aims to empower individuals and communities worldwide to exercise more control over their finances and protect their rights to privacy and freedom of expression.

Purpose of the Bounty Challenges

The bounty challenges announced by the HRF serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they provide a financial incentive for developers to dedicate their time and skills to solve specific problems within the Bitcoin ecosystem. By offering a significant reward of 20 BTC, the HRF aims to attract talented developers and encourage them to focus their efforts on projects aligned with the organization’s mission.

Secondly, these challenges aim to address critical issues and limitations within Bitcoin and related technologies. The HRF has carefully selected the bounty challenges based on its research and work with activists around the world. By focusing on usability and privacy applications, the HRF aims to improve the overall user experience and enhance the privacy features of Bitcoin.

Lastly, the bounty challenges contribute to the growth and development of the Bitcoin ecosystem as a whole. The solutions developed through these challenges will be made available as open-source software, which can be further built upon by the broader Bitcoin community. By fostering collaboration and open innovation, the HRF aims to create a more robust and secure Bitcoin ecosystem.

The Human Rights Foundation Announces 20 BTC Bounty Challenge For Bitcoin Development

Description of the Bounty Challenges

The bounty challenges consist of several specific tasks and projects that developers can undertake to earn the bounty reward. These challenges cover a wide range of areas within Bitcoin development, including user interface design, protocol implementation, and mobile wallet functionality. Each challenge is designed to address a specific need or limitation within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bounty Challenge 1: Port the Bitcoin UI Kit to the open-source Penpot project

This bounty challenge offers a 2 BTC reward to developers who can successfully port the Bitcoin UI Kit to the open-source Penpot project. Currently, the UI Kit is only usable with proprietary software, limiting its accessibility. By replicating the Bitcoin UI Kit on Penpot, the HRF aims to make it freely accessible and enable self-hosted instances of the kit.

Bounty Challenge 2: Serverless implementation of a payjoin protocol

The second bounty challenge focuses on developing a serverless implementation of a payjoin protocol. Payjoin transactions allow for increased privacy by obfuscating the transaction graph. The challenge calls for a production-ready version of the payjoin protocol that can send and receive transactions without requiring a public server. The implementation should prioritize user privacy and be independent from trusted third parties.

Bounty Challenge 3: Nostr client implementation of end-to-end encrypted group chats

In this challenge, developers are tasked with creating a Nostr client implementation of end-to-end encrypted group chats. The implementation should ensure that no metadata can be leaked to potentially malicious third parties. Eligible group chats must enable three or more users to communicate securely and privately, with no ability for outside adversaries to gather content or user information.

Bounty Challenge 4: Mobile Bitcoin wallet capable of receiving and sending Silent Payments

This bounty challenge requires the development of a mobile Bitcoin wallet capable of receiving and sending Silent Payments. Silent Payments enhance privacy by obfuscating the transaction amount. The wallet should be open-source, multi-platform, and interoperable with other mobile wallets. It must comply with the Silent Payments BIP and provide a user-friendly experience for sending and receiving Silent Payments.

Further details and information about the bounties

For more detailed information about the bounty challenges, interested individuals and parties are encouraged to visit the HRF’s official website at The website provides additional details on each bounty challenge, including specific requirements and guidelines for participation. Developers can also contact for any questions or clarifications regarding the bounty challenges.

The HRF has indicated that these 10 bounty challenges are just the beginning, and more challenges may be added in the future. The HRF aims to encourage continuous innovation and improvement within the Bitcoin ecosystem by providing ongoing support for open-source developers. The bounties serve as a catalyst for collaboration and creativity, ultimately benefiting the entire Bitcoin community.

In conclusion, the Human Rights Foundation’s announcement of the 20 BTC Bounty Challenge for Bitcoin development is a significant step towards advancing the usability and privacy applications of Bitcoin. By offering substantial rewards for solving specific challenges, the HRF aims to attract talented developers and address critical issues within the Bitcoin ecosystem. These bounties provide an opportunity for developers to contribute to the growth and development of Bitcoin while supporting the HRF’s mission of promoting human rights globally. If you are a Bitcoin developer or enthusiast, these bounty challenges present an exciting opportunity to make a difference in the Bitcoin ecosystem and contribute to a more private and censorship-resistant financial system.

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