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US Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Speak at Mining Disrupt Bitcoin Conference

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US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is set to make a significant appearance at the highly anticipated Mining Disrupt Bitcoin Conference, which will take place in Miami on July 25-27th. Kennedy Jr., who previously spoke at the Bitcoin 2023 conference earlier this year, has exhibited an increasing interest in Bitcoin and plans to back the US dollar with BTC if elected president. This year’s Mining Disrupt conference boasts a diverse lineup of expert speakers in the Bitcoin mining space, aiming to provide attendees with invaluable insights into the latest industry trends and strategies. With over 5,000 expected attendees, the event promises to be one of the most significant Bitcoin conferences of the year, offering a unique platform for industry leaders to connect, build trust, and promote the growth of the mining industry.

US Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Speak at Mining Disrupt Bitcoin Conference

US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been announced as a speaker at the upcoming Mining Disrupt 2023 conference. This highly anticipated event in the Bitcoin mining community is set to take place in Miami on July 25-27th at the Miami Airport Convention Center.

Kennedy Jr. has made his mark in the world of Bitcoin by speaking at the Bitcoin 2023 conference earlier this year in Miami. Since then, his devotion to Bitcoin has only grown stronger. He recently announced that if elected as president, he plans to back the US dollar with BTC and eliminate capital gains taxes on bitcoin to dollar conversions.

Mining Disrupt 2023 will be a significant event for the Bitcoin mining industry. The conference aims to bring together experts, industry leaders, and enthusiasts to discuss the latest products, strategies, and tendencies in Bitcoin mining. With a focus on the mining industry, attendees will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and stay updated on the latest advancements in the field.

The event is expected to draw around 5,000 attendees, making it one of the larger Bitcoin conferences of the year. This demonstrates the growing interest and importance of Bitcoin mining in the global cryptocurrency market.

Michael Cruz, the founder and co-owner of Mining Disrupt, reflects on the conference’s evolution over the years. Initially starting as a Telegram group for miners, it has now developed into a renowned trade show. As they celebrate their 5th year anniversary, Cruz expresses gratitude for the support that has helped the conference grow into what it is today.

Gabriel Rodriguez, co-owner of Mining Disrupt, emphasizes that the event is more than just a conference. It serves as a B2B Expo and conference, bringing together leading companies in the Bitcoin mining industry from all around the world. With over 100 sponsors and exhibitors, the event aims to build trust and foster the growth of the young mining industry.

For more information about the Mining Disrupt 2023 conference, including the event schedule and registration details, visit their website at

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